Rezen is a software tool for managing multiple reservoir simulation runs. Functionality includes :-

  • simulation project management
  • submitting and managing simulation runs
  • generating multiple simulation decks from a template file
  • uncertainty modelling
  • history matching
  • data analysis and post-processing
  • data export
Rezen aims to support industry standard reservoir simulators, providing a user friendly environment for aiding the design, management and investigation of a reservoir simulation scenario.A scenario may consist of multiple related instances of a reservoir simulation model, these instances or decks being collectively known as an ensemble.

Rezen supports managing a forward prediction or uncertainty modelling scenario where multiple simulation decks are generated using experimental design algorithms prior to submission to the simulator. The aim of using an experimental design algorithm is to extract information from a smaller number of simulation runs.

Additionally Rezen supports managing a history matching ensemble where simulation runs are made in serial or parallel, each set of new simulation decks being dependent on the prior runs. The user defines a goodness of fit function as an optimization criterion.